Monday, May 30, 2022


 Existence would be intolerable if we were never to dream.

                                             Anatole France

My blogger friends. I have been absent for a reason. Finally my dream has come true. I have a book of my stories published. 79 stories including photos. This has always been a dream in the back of my head. Those who read my blogs over the years knew my need to write. That is just who I am. This is just the icing on the cake.

I found a publisher. Actually, through another published author and my good friend the publisher of Crossfieldpublishing asked to see my columns and my excess to my old blog. She liked what she saw. I am one lucky, extremely grateful and happy farm girl. I could go on and on about the blogger family who has always been there for me. I miss you and am so grateful for your support over the years. You have walked me through a range of emotions. The good, the bad and the ugly. We have lost and found ourselves through blogging and for that I am always going to tell everyone that this is the family that got me through.

We are still farming. My Hero is not running to his off farming job anymore so I  am not as involved as I used to be. That is OK. I do however still get out there. Haying is about to start. Little Red and Big Red await. I will also be going to book signings. Yes, even in saying that it is like it is another me.

A great feeling. My goal has always been to get through this life with the lessons learned and be grateful for every thing that life throws at us. A smile on my face. It has been challenging at times but a wonderful ride that brought me to this time.

I hope to get back to blogging and sharing my stories again. My life is busy. Slowing down in retirement seems to be something that is not going to happen for awhile. I am ok with that.

Ember Sky Media photo is where you can find out about all your questions. About how to find this book. My book😳❤️❤️ 

Unbuttoned: Our Farming Life In Southeastern Ontario.

Take care and enjoy the summer. Hugs B

If you would like to read my book of short stories about our farm life and life in general in my quirky way of looking at our world, you can ask for it at any bookstore or library. They can get it in. 

There are ways to order it online also. For those who like Ebooks. I do know that an e book will be out soon with coloured photos. The book consists of black and white photos.


  1. Congratulations on your unbuttoning... How exciting to have published your first book. I'm sure there's going to be a second book, and perhaps more.
    I'm retired but my husband is not , so I'm still as busy as before I was retired. I just don't have to get up as early.

    Stay well and happy

  2. Yay! So nice to see post from you! Looks like a very busy time with all that book signing. Very happy for you!

  3. I am absolutely thrilled for you. Lots of hard work, lots of dreams, lots of hopes finding its way into the here and now. Huge congratulations.

  4. I am really excited for you! Sending good wishes as you begin this new path! Belva Davis, the journalist said, “If you can dream it, you can make it so.” You are proof of that! Yay!

  5. Congratulations G and happy book signing do hope you sell heaps..

  6. oooh how exciting b, congrats to you...i am not surprised, you have a gift!!

  7. OMG ! Grace ! How exciting is this ! CONGRATULATIONS girl :-)
    I absolutely love the title and the cover illustration is so unique, and now this blog is looking amazing to go with your success ... life is your bowl of cherries now girl ... enjoy !!


A good storyteller is a person who has a good memory and hopes other people haven’t.
Irvin Shrewsbury Cobb.