Friday, October 8, 2021

Blast from the past 2015 Story. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. ❤️

We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.

                 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

Thanksgiving is one of my favourite times of the year.

The weather is usually gorgeous.

The fall colours are in the early stages of emerging to  
 reach the finished creation titled,

The Beauty of Autumn.

 Colours with the names Crimson Red, Burnt Orange. Brilliant, yellows and soft greens can be seen everywhere, lining the fields of corn stalk stubble.

 Empty brown fields where soybean, and wheat now harvested, and trucked away to waiting silos and bins. 

 Trees of beauty and treasure starting to shed their multi-coloured leaves, to share with the young and old.

Many want to capture and hold their beauty, in photos or between layers of wax paper. Requiring an iron, and your mom. Memories captured and never to be forgotten, stories that will never die.                           

 Stories of tripping over boots and shoes piled high,
 inside the door leading to more stories and memories. 
 Laughter and screams of joy coming from outside, where happy rambunctious children run and play,

Constant loud chatter, mixed with the noise of the banging of pots and pans,
can be heard coming from the kitchen,
where stories from past Thanksgivings are being shared among those who cling to them.

 Stirring and creating a meal that will be remembered.
Where the laughter and an occasional tear bring hugs and smiles. 

That laughter mixed with those old stories and blended with familiar aromas coming from the oven, and simmering on the stovetop.

 The very special secret recipe for a dressing stuffed inside the turkey,
that will always, and forever
be made by those who promise never to forget.

Not all of us will have that, this year.


 I am so grateful for all those stories.

 Of the memories of laughter that continue to bounce around in my   head, the chatter of old stories being shared, and the love of family.

The tripping over those shoes and boots piled high by the door.
Those banging clanging pots and pans.
The smell of that dressing that is still,
and will always be made to honour a woman who loved this time of year.                                     
Always so grateful for the family she was blessed with.                                  Grateful for the memories of fighting over the wishbone, and that “pokes nose.”                                     

  But mostly for all those who remember. 

The memory of Uncle Dave who brought his own chair, knowing there was never going to be enough.                            

The day my oven quit, with a half-cooked turkey inside and the farm house was over flowing with hungry Thanksgiving celebrators

All with high expectations. 

How a clever sister rushed out to pick up Kentucky Fried Chicken to save the day.

  Oh yes, there are at least a million stories running around in all our heads.



Things change, people move far away,
and some grow tired of fighting the traffic and stay home. 

 People have their own homes and families,
In my own case, we are expecting new members. Some, are fighting sickness or other worries.

 There are the people who unfortunately passed on,  to begin their next journey of life, and leaving us all to carry on without them.

 We owe it to all those family members to never forget the stories. 
 Generations of stories never to be forgotten
and passed down, are as important as that dressing (stuffing) recipe.
 So, to all those who will not be celebrating this year,
 for whatever reason please remember this. 

We love you. We miss you, and you are always in all our hearts. 
Most importantly, we will keep sharing those stories
with each new generation.


A personal message to those in my life who could not be here:

 Do not forget those stories either, and don’t forget to share them today and every day with anyone who will listen. (Not the dressing recipe though, that is Mom's family secret). Do know we will be talking about you and laughing while reliving those memories. 

  Love from your family.


Times do change. Those who sitting, or who are not sitting, at the table may change too, but life is like that. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


Thank you for your comments. I appreciate them so much. This Covid 19 thing has thrown us all into a place we have never travelled and we do the best we can. Be well everyone.. B