Monday, November 9, 2020

Back to Normal.

 What is normal? There is no use looking back. 

There is also no use asking me, I have no idea. I am writing a blog post after months of wondering what the heck happened to normal. Maybe we never knew what normal was at all. This is certainly our new normal. Face forward and keep going to do the best you can is all I have to say. That is what I have been doing.

After March Break (here in Canada) the world has completely flipped over for so many people. There is no one that has not been affected. 

On the farm, things are "normal" as far as the work. That has always been a constant since the first week we set foot on this land.

I just wanted to tiptoe back into the world of blogging because I miss you all so much. It has been hard to find my muse. I honestly think she was hiding out till things went back to normal. That is funny because there is honestly no normal in this whole situation.

I will be posting when I have something to share. I want to keep this uplifting and light. My world on the farm makes me happy and sometimes has the outside world seem like it is so far away. Possibly, we all need that little corner to hide in once in a while and hopefully smile. Be well, be safe, and do your best. Welcome. 

Hugs B


  1. Wonderful to see a post from you and your photos.
    Missed you even though I didn't always comment I read.
    Love the dog he/she has the cutest face.
    Take care..Hugs M xoxoxox

  2. So nice to see a post from you, Grace. Is that a new pup? We are isolating here at the edge of wilderness just as you are on the farm. We have snow on the ground now, thank goodness, so less fire danger. Stay well! Barb

  3. What is normal???????????
    I have no idea..........

  4. awwww normal, i also have a hard time figuring out what that is. i try not to think about all that i am missing and focus on all that i am doing. BUT, that has become a little more difficult. i miss my little trip, my date nights...i miss seeing my boys. everyone is trying to keep me safe, but i am lonely. i think we all feel the same way, doing what we know is right but secretly wanting more. we had such out, at a restaurant, outdoors. i knew i shouldn't, but i didi anyway, i still feel guilty. i am lucky to have such a beautiful home and lot's to keep me busy!! so stay well buttons, it was nice to see you today!!

    was that a rant i just typed????


Thank you for your comments. I appreciate them so much. This Covid 19 thing has thrown us all into a place we have never travelled and we do the best we can. Be well everyone.. B

Back to Normal.

  What is normal? There is no use looking back.  There is also no use asking me, I have no idea. I am writing a blog post after months of wo...