Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Deer oh Deer and more Spring Craziness

The art of life lies in the constant readjustment to our surroundings.
                                           Kakuzo Okakura

If you notice, there is a big dark cloud over half to the right of this photo. A dark cloud that is in competition for your eyes. It tries to make you not notice the beauty and light on the left or the other side. What did you notice first?

My Mom would often talk about a thing called ‘Spring Fever’ and about ‘Cabin Fever’. She would tell us stories about how people would go crazy during a long hard winter. Tales about how spring would save them and have them do the silliest and strangest of things once they were outside.

I believe today that a prolonged run of the same bad news reports and being bombarded over and over, every hour of every day, and everywhere you look, will drive a person just as crazy. I think we all need to get the crazy and silliness of Spring Fever back into our life. This is my own opinion. I do hope these photos will take you away for a few minutes.

I believe when Mom said 'Crazy' she meant HAPPY and FREE. There is plenty of time for reality in our lives.

Some of you may believe that my world revolves around the cows on our farm. I must tell you that they are just one of many creatures (friends) that we share this land with. The White-tailed Deer are acting like our ‘So happy it is spring’ cows. They have me mesmerized with their actions. All the photos I share will show you why I continue to watch them. They are very entertaining. They blend in very well and are hard to spot if you are not paying attention. I can sit in my kitchen and watch the craziness play out.

The spring-like weather has had everything around here going a bit crazy. Our resident Ground Hog has been out and about. The Cottontail Rabbits have been very busy behind the house and the barnyard. Never mind the squirrels of every description and their actions.

The Coyotes have parties most nights. They can get quite loud. They walk back and forth across the farm in search of those rodents who managed to make it through the winter.

The birds around here are in abundance. There are flocks of Robins that lived all winter in the bush. They now call our lawn home. The Bluebirds and Doves and Blue Jays and Hawks have parties during the day. The Canada Geese fill the sky so much I am careful that I do not lookup. There is an orchestra of birds of every music genre outside our windows to wake up to.

My husband (my Hero) noticed a huge skunk the other day. It was so huge he thought it was two of them. There are deep dug holes all over our lawn. The Skunks have always rid our lawn of those pesky grubs which ruin other people's lawns. If they don’t bother us, we will not bother them. I am pretty sure we will make a lot of noise before we exit the house in the dark, though.

Life is wonderful. No need to worry about what is going on in the world every second of every day. I know it is important to stay informed.

To saturate your mind and soul with the negative is never a good thing. Honestly, I believe that if you get outside and give yourself permission to notice the little things in your back yard it will help. Take care, everyone.



  1. Sadly only the deer and the No Tresspassing sign loaded for me.
    I agree whole heartedly. Nature is my solace, my haven and heartbalm. And the little things are HUGE in my world.

    1. Sorry about that I fixed the problem. Nature is the best. B

    2. Thank you. They are truly lovely photos.

  2. You've done a good job to saturate our life about the out doors. Yes , the news is very depressing at this time.

  3. Only the deer and no trespassing pics showed up here. I loved your last thought **To saturate your mind and soul with the negative is never a good thing. Honestly, I believe that if you get outside and give yourself permission to notice the little things in your back yard it will help.** That is oh so true!! Thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady

    1. Hi Lorraine and Thank, you. I have fixed the problem. Sorry about that. So happy you like that line. It is true. B

  4. We had Spring fever here .. on Monday when it was warm (17 !!) and sunny .. I opened up the windows but had to stop myself from going outside to play in the garden because I knew it was way too early to start clean up .. and I was right with the weather that followed afterwards .. but it was glorious hearing the birds voice their opinion of what a wonderful day it is !
    Those deer are gorgeous ! .. to watch from your kitchen window must be such a treat .. we get to hear a BOUNCING basketball with the neighbor behind us .. I'll leave it at that ? LOL

  5. I love this post. We used to have so many wild critters here too,but the drought years made most of them disappear to higher ground. My house finches are back and that's a good thing.

  6. So many lovely photos I have never seen a deer in real life

  7. We love our outdoor time. If it isn't bucketing rain we are out there doing something.


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