Friday, February 14, 2020

Random 5 Friday

You will never “find” time for anything.
If you want time you must make it.
                    Charles Buxton

1-This equipment is waiting to get to work and seed those fields. A sure sign of spring.

2-If Spring is not here; why are Mr. Bluebird and his friends sitting on the gate waiting? It dropped to minus 30 degrees Celsius last night.

3-This farmgirl enjoys the warmth of the spring-like day. She always takes the time to enjoy.

4-The calving season is now over. The calves and Mamas are all doing well. They are waiting for the new grass. It is no doubt hidden under the foot of snow.

5- An hour and a half of snowshoeing was a great workout for my body. Half an hour of vacuuming did not have that same effect.Conclusion; give up vacuuming.



  1. I agree 100%. Vacumning must go!

  2. I also agree, vacuuming must go! I just came in from a short break of working outside. Mowing, weedwacking, trimming, raking. Right now at 10:14 EST it is 74 but with the humidity the real feel is 81. It's supposed to get up around 84 which is what it did yesterday. I've been outside working for a couple of hours already, more to do so I better get back out there. May you see more signs of spring coming your way with each new day. Happy Valentine's day also ~ FlowerLady

  3. Love the bluebird! And the cows and the snow... Makes me happy. xo

  4. Sadly snow shoeing isn't an option here and the dreaded suck monster requires attention. Loving the wintry wonders you shared.

  5. Happy valentines to you and your hero. And same to the cows and that bluebird!

  6. That’s why I have robots vacuum for me . I even named her Rosie, from the Jetsons lol
    Happy Valentines Day !

  7. I vacuum most days I often wish someone else would do it


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