Monday, December 2, 2019

Farming and Wrinkles

Worry is a thin stream of fear trickling through the mind.
If encouraged, it cuts a channel into which all other thoughts are drained.
                                                        Arthur Somers Roche

You may think this is a story about this mature farmer and her wrinkles. Never would I ever admit to wrinkles. If I take my glasses off, I do not even notice them (if there are any).

If this farmgirl does have wrinkles, there have been many years of things that have contributed to them. It is well known that everyone’s (there are a few people who do not, I suppose), job has stressors. Life itself is full of stress and farmers are no different. Our stress come in some very different forms.

It was snowing out when I wrote this. There was freezing rain wreaking havoc on farmers and everyone equally as I wrote. I must say I was grateful for the snow. Freezing rain brings a whole different mode of stress.

Our cows and their new calves were all settled in with hay and bedding, near the water and ready for the long haul. Freezing rain would have made their footing unstable, bringing another set of stressors that have been known to cause those wrinkles.

On Saturday, it was a beautiful day and I made time for a nice road trip with friends and did some exploring. It was a relaxing day. It is important to make time for the things you enjoy to help with those stress wrinkles. Not everything is as it first appears. We must remember to look beyond our first impressions.

That very day when I arrived home there was a bit of a wrinkle maker visible. The most beautiful coyote stood in the field. That is not a bad thing, as we have them around here and they clean up the rodents. Over the years we have seen them come and go. This case was a bit different as there were three of them. That is a little more stressful as then it is a pack. A pack sometimes will have a very different idea then one lone coyote. Packs make me nervous. I can feel a wrinkle on my head right now. I shall wait and see before I jump to conclusions.

It has been a couple of days now since I started writing this post and saw those three coyotes. We have three beautiful calves and the moms are calm and keep watch over those calves. I think we are OK. There is no use in making a problem when there is not one. Hopefully, those coyotes have moved on. No tracks in the beautiful new-fallen snow have been found. That is a good sign.

If there was a problem, I would not be able to walk among our cows. We have been doing this daily and they are calm. They know if there is a problem and they will become aggressive and protective as a group or herd. Instincts which I trust.

The deer continue to run through the fields the Blue Jays and Bluebirds sit on the fence. The turkeys wander in the bush. Life on the farm is as it should be. All are preparing for the winter. No extra wrinkles (that I can see while glassless), but it would be nice if we knew what nature had in mind. All is the way it is supposed to be right now. That is all we know.  



  1. I am glad your stress has been currently reduced.
    On this side of the world many of our farmers are coping with drought. And bushfires. Simultaneously.
    My heart goes out to them. And to the native birds and animals.

  2. Hopefully the coyotes were just moving along on their way. No new tracks in the snow....that's a good thing!

  3. I do love that quote. It is so very true. It's hard not to worry, but you have a strong connection with your cows and, as you wrote, they would let you know if they needed you.

  4. Ok I am not with it I read farming wrinkles and thought it was about harvesting wrinkles because I am having a thick moment

  5. The calves are so beautiful. Almost convinces me to become a vegetarian.

  6. You are lucky that you are not a farmer in Australia at the moment. They are all stressed due to years of drought and now fires. They are doing it tough. They don't have enough water for the animals.


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