Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Not as it seems

The thirsty earth soaks up the rain,
and drinks, and gapes, for drink again.
                                            Abraham Cowley

It has been awhile since we have had a good long steady rain. It is starting to show.

When I was a child, there was always a western that would be blaring on the television. My Dad and my Mom both enjoyed those old western movies. My idea of cattle farming and roundups as well everything else about farming was probably left a bit off the mark as far as the reality goes.

I went for a walk the other evening after the blaring hot sun had finally set. It had cooled down enough to check out what was going on as far as pasture and water. These are the most important things when you raise only grass-fed cattle, along with needed salt. We go through a lot of salt.

There have been signs for quite a while now. The rains that we have been having and the stories heard about how high lake waters are flooding some areas have not helped the farmers. These signs are real. The leaves on trees have now become a treat for wildlife and cattle alike. Those same trees have leaves that have turned brown and are falling. It is not a welcome sight.

Early this morning I watched a coyote run through the pasture behind the house. He was panting, as his tongue was out.  He was making a beeline for the spring-fed water hole. He has been there before as his tracks can be seen in the once muddy center. This time it was dry and there was no water to be found. I watched him cross to the neighbours in search. I have a feeling he will be walking far today.

We do have a water source (currently) that is still holding out, and there is much activity going on there. It appears that word has gotten out to all the animals and birds and reptiles. I would love to sit back there at night and see what goes on. There are tracks of different varieties all around the banks. There have also been a few gatherings of the birds that those old western movies show. They have me a bit nervous.

The vultures in those old west movies were always circling those lost souls or cattle on the dry plains. That honestly still freaks me out thinking about it. These days those turkey vultures come from miles away just to find a rodent who had an unknown ending. They are not circling the cattle as I always seemed to think back in the day.

It is going to rain eventually. It always does. The hay crop (first cut) is off, the corn around us is growing with the heat but could use more water. It will all work out. Before we know it there will be snow on the ground and I am not so sure if those vultures will be sitting with the cows, but you never know.
Mother Nature and farmers have been trying to work together since the beginning of time and I for one have great faith in her.

I never watch those old westerns anymore. Honestly, I think it was too much work back then. You know while being the woman of the house and the field in all those heavy dresses.

If you meet a farmer today, please smile. They have a lot on their minds.

To all my fellow farmers hold on, it will all work out.



  1. A worrisome time right now. Hope everything does indeed 'work out'.

  2. I do hope the rains come. For you and for us. And fervently hope it all works out.

  3. Farmers do such an important job without them where would we be.
    Also my Nana loved old western movies

  4. Grace .. I am so sorry you and your hero are stressed with lack of rain and a good source of water to refresh all the creatures on and near your farm.
    Mother nature is over burdened with what human kind has been doing to her, these aren't platitudes I swear .. it is distress on my part because I feel passionate about the earth and it's creatures, suffering from human ignorance and denial of climate change (from people in positions that could actually be helping instead of harming) .. it seems overwhelming even for us non farmers, what is going on. Some days I just want to stop thinking about it all. I know you don't have that luxury and I am sorry.
    There are thunder storms forecasted for tonight and the weekend . I just hope it helps. You took wonderful pictures illustrating your thoughts.
    Take heart .. sending positive thoughts your way for lots of cooling rain.

  5. Uncertainty seems to be the farmer's best crop at the moment. I totally understand. Hang in there!

  6. Drought is painful for farmers. Our farmers are worried too.


Thank you for your comments. I appreciate them so much.