Wednesday, May 8, 2019

It is spring for sure

Find your place and hold it: find your work and do it.
And put everything you’ve got into it.
                                           Edward William Bok

The last few weeks have been a hub of activity around the farm. We have much to do now that those warmer less rainy days seem to come in chunks. Yes, when you can get three days of no rain together it is always a good thing.

My Hero has been fixing the old drive shed here on the farm. Apparently, it was built after the barn and hen house. I have no idea what year. The newest building needs the most work, that is all I know. The older farmer that lived here before us had a tale to tell about that.

The story goes that when the oil and gas pipeline went through there was a lot of blasting going on as you can imagine. After all, we sit on limestone and rock. Apparently, one blast shook the ground so much that the newer drive shed shifted on its footings. We know now that those footings just sat on the ground so that would have happened eventually anyway. After all, any well-built thing will give away eventually on a soft foundation, so I have heard.

Well, it turns out the beams have rotted out. We are talking about beams from probably the sixties I honestly have (no idea). My Hero has been trying to replace those beams one at a time. Yes, he is taking one out, holding the roof in the air with the tractor and placing a new beam. Scary to watch, so I try not to.

There is a lot of work that goes in each beam. It is not your nail it in the beam system. It is fitted with the notches system. This takes some hand work. I sat out there and watched him work. Yes, I did hand him tools when needed but mostly I watched. I have always loved to watch this man work.

There was also a bunch of Big Red needs a new shifter "thingy" going on. I helped with that too. Mostly, My Hero was under the tractor and I was in the tractor trying to feed this new line up from the bottom. This $400 part was kind of like working with a bag of gold and us trying not to spill any. In this case, trying to feed it through without kinking it or catching the ends. After a tense half hour, it was in place to be hooked up. I have no idea how much work it took to hook it up to both ends, my help was not needed so I went to play with the new calves.

We let our cows and calves into the pasture early, if for no other reason than we want to keep them from getting bored.  Then possibly to head out to explore fences and check out the grass on the other side. The new calves either ran and ran, or some laid down and watched the action.

In the pasture, the grass is only about an inch long, but they have been in it for a week now and only leave for water. There is hay back where we winter fed them, so some go back to compare the offerings, but it is obvious the green grass wins. There is a lot of nursing going on. Those little calves sure work up an appetite. Callie is always eating.

Before we know it the baler, the rake and the disc-bine will be in the barnyard to ready for the haying season. I will be there to help My Hero and find time to spend times with the calves. They grow so fast. Just look at Cocoa.

I know we are all busy this time of year so pace yourself and enjoy those beautiful days that we have been waiting for. It looks like the planting and harvest season is going to be soon.



  1. A new calf was born at my neighbor's place yesterday. Now there are two and I know they will enjoy playing like yours do. I too used to enjoy watching Errol work with wood and his many mysterious tools.

  2. It is amazing how quickly they grow! You have the loveliest calves! Our farmers are waiting impatiently for the rain to stop, so that they can safely get into their fields.

  3. Love the pics of the running calves. Spring is such a promising time of year on farms.

  4. Happy Spring - and huge thanks for the snapshot into your hard-working world.

  5. Look at those sweet little babies running and frisking sweet.

  6. Cocoa is a cutie. I always like to watch calves frolicking in the spring. We have had a lot of rain in the last week - 5.20 inches. We are ready for some sunshine.


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