Friday, February 1, 2019

Cold times and beauty

Man is no law-giver to nature, he is an absorber.
She, it is who stands firm; he, it is who must accommodate himself.
                                                            William Jones

It is cold. Really cold. The kind of cold that has not been seen around these parts for a while.

Most of you already know that. Some of you bundle up and go out to get things done fast, then rush back into the warmth. Some of you never leave your house because you were prepared and did not need too. Then there are all those people that must be out in this weather for their jobs.

Watching the news reports of this cold weather that has gripped many of us makes me think and feel. I am in awe of those incredibly generous and compassionate people who take care of our most vulnerable. They search the city streets for the homeless. These people I admire so much because I do know how cold it is out there. This must be a difficult job. They never think of themselves, but only for the people that they can help and protect from the cold. Good people. Remarkable people.

Farmers are also out there. It does not matter the weather, if you have animals you are out there. Nothing else matters. You will go out and make sure your animals are comfortable and safe and then you will head into your warm house to get warm and then go check them again.

It is so deceiving out because it is so beautiful as well as cold. The sunshine takes a bit of the chill off (only a bit). The winds blow the light snow around to create beautiful swirls that block out the sun. The days were so cold yet so beautiful on my trips to take care of the cows. I did not think about the weather until I exited the tractor. Then it hit me square in the face. I still found that I was drawn to hiking through the snow in the bush to check out the beauty that nature takes care of.

With our cows, all comfortable and sheltered I focused on my lens. I tried to capture the beauty that came in the middle of the coldest days I have ever been out in. I am so happy I did that. It would be really hard for me to explain the feel of the cold, but it is easy to show the raw beauty.



  1. Bless your hearts and bodies for caring for your critters.

    I love that last photo, oh so beautiful. Those purples and blues. Oh my.

    Keep warm and be safe ~ FlowerLady

  2. It is beautiful, but too cold to go out for long to enjoy it. I'm sending love and hugs to all farmers in this weather. Their work never stops.

  3. I’m enjoying all your chilly photos. My favorite is the wagon with the snow-covered tree, but I also like the blowing snow photos. I bundle up just like you and venture outside even on the coldest days. If I lived closer, I’d check on your animals for you!

  4. Thank you, and everyone else who cares for others (regardless of the species).
    And a huge thank you for the beauty you share.

  5. Oh, that last picture is soooo adorable! When I saw the snow blowing in your pictures, it made me cringe and shiver. I hope you soon get a break in the frigid temps!

  6. I hope it will warmed up a bit at your farm. Today the cold vortex hit us and it was windy but as the sun went down the temperature started to rise a bit. It will continue to warm up in the week but winter is far from being over. However, Spring is only 47 days away.

    I appreciate all those brave people who go out in this cold to take care of people and to make things run smoothly for everyone. I know that some cruel people are cruel to their pets by leaving them outside too long with no shelter and it makes my heart bleed especially when it's so cold. It just breaks my heart.

    I love that picture of the calf with the snow background.
    Hugs, Julia

  7. They are beautiful! I stayed inside with my pups .Have a great weekend my friend!

  8. No question about it! When you have animals you do what you have to do. Our lowest temperature with the wind chill was a little over -30 and the horses had to spend some time in the barn. Today the sun was around and they were able to stay out. Are you going to have a warm up in a few days? We may get up to 53 degrees. It's a good thing you are wearing all those layers! Hang in there.

  9. Lovely photos.
    Yes, each one of us is different in what we do in all kinds of weather - voluntarily.
    Hugs M xoxoxox Keep warm.

  10. The tough keep going. Keep warm and safe.

  11. When I went out on the coldest morning, I found my sheep outside (despite having free access to the all set up with extra straw) as content as could be. Wool is a wonderful thing.
    Stay safe!

  12. Oh how beautiful your photos are Dear B.
    I can only imagine how cold it is, we've been watching the news and it's crazy how extreme the weather is. No wonder you are layered up and breathing through your collar!
    Yes, I too admire those selfless souls who help others at this time. It's good to hear of these beautiful people.
    I know how much you love your animals. Take care and get toasty warm inside as much as you can .... lol, as if you need me to tell you that! Hugs xx

  13. So cold it makes your nose stick together and your face hurt.

  14. The photos are beautiful, but I'm glad we missed the worst of the polar vortex here in Kansas! My sister in Chicago experienced it, but it sounded like many offices there had people work from home, including my sister and her husband. However, you didn't have that option! The animals fare better than the humans!

  15. I read that some farmers had a difficult time getting water for their cows. Your look so comfortable in their thick coats. I have been in minus 25F in Jackson Hole in 1970. It was just gorgeous and I was young then and could handle it better than I could now. I too admire those who go out into the cities to find and rescue people and animals who need to be in shelters.


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