Thursday, May 17, 2018

Oh, those faces

Fortune is a prize to be won.
 Adventure is the road to it.
Chance is what may lurk in the shadows at the roadside.
                                                   William Sydney Porter

What an absolutely gorgeous morning it is. This is the first time that the furnace has not kicked on. Could it be that our spring has finally arrived?

It was an exciting evening last night here on the farm. Our cows were finally let loose into the pasture beyond our red gate. That is the gate that has kept them close to the house all winter and out of harm’s way. Once they had figured out where we were heading, it was all I could do to catch up to them. They stood at the gate waiting as “I brought up the rear”, as my Mom used to say, with Bossy at my side. The gate opened and they were off.

With the long weekend coming and the grass back there about five inches high it was time. Our little calves have never been back there. I opened up the gate and was not knocked down so I focused on those faces.

They buried their heads into the lush green grass and pulled those dandelions out by the mouthful. It was quite the sight to see. There was not one sound that came from any of the cows once they found the green they had been waiting for.

There was, however a little problem, so it had to be addressed. There was a small section of fence that was completely flattened by work that had been done back farther. This did not stop me from letting them back there. There was no way they would venture any farther back then the grass that was directly behind the gate in this pasture field.

My Hero and I drove the Backhoe back and fixed that little problem. OK, I watched and lent a little bit of help. Barbed wire is not something I like to handle. He was fine on his own. After all, I had forgotten my gloves. He tried to lend me a pair of his that sat in the Backhoe but I declined. Once he had it under control I hiked back up to see what the girls were up to. Star is growing so fast.

They had not wasted any time. They had been moving from one end of the field to the other non-stop. The little calves took pleasure in the exploration of something never seen before. They were smiling. My camera tried to capture that moment and only you can tell me if it did.

There are a few pieces of equipment back there waiting to go back and work up a field and the calves seemed to really enjoy checking them out. I suppose a good scratch can be had anytime anywhere when you know the food is plentiful.

My Hero made it back up and we watched those little calves and their Moms delight in the fact that spring had finally arrived and they could eat to their hearts and bellies content.

Those little calves, after having their fill, had ducked into the bushes to go explore. This is something I have always done too. I look forward to finding them on the adventure that took them back into their unknown this morning. I do so love this time of year.



  1. It was always a treat in spring when we could let the dairy cows out of the barn for the first time...those big old Holsteins wold kick and gambol and funny to watch...then they headed straight back to the pasture and got down to bsiness lol.

  2. Looks like preschoolers on a field trip!


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