Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A bit of chaos is OK

To find a career to which you are adapted by nature,
and then work hard at it,
is about as near to a formula for success and happiness as the world provides.
                                                            Mark Sullivan

 This has been a crazy few weeks for me. There was not one chunk of time that I was not in the middle of something, or thinking about being in the middle of something, and dreamed of being in the middle of something.

I did get off to the city for a week. According to My Hero, I did miss a few things here on the farm. Take for instance our calf situation. We are now at number 22. I had mentioned to him before I had left that it appeared to me that Brandi had birthed a set of twins. Well, he did not believe me. One evening when I was away he phoned and told me that Brandi had indeed had a set of twins. “I told you” did not come from my lips but it was indeed on the tip of my tongue.

The weather has cooperated greatly too our herd of healthy calves. As I sit here this morning and watch them it is soon evident that they are full of energy and our spring weather has them very busy. They never stop moving. This has their mothers a bit stressed.

I also remember back to how stressed out a mother can be, after my week of living in the house with a toddler.

Today’s parents seemed to be pulled in so many different directions. Two working parents, daycare, house duties, child rearing and multiple activities fill most days. I began to remember my own “toddler in the house” days. I did not have daycare unless my parents or a sister jumped in during an emergency. I guess we could call the leaving my daughter in a hay manger with the cows while they munched the hay beside her, sort of a daycare. Or the time when a playpen was set up in the barn, where the cows or pigs at the time had their watchful eyes on them. Possibly, putting one in a basket in the tractor with cab, while you tilled the fields and they slept, could be somewhat like those “take your child to work” days. There were more days like that then I care to remember. It seemed always to be the take your children to work day here on the farm.

Today I have to admit that I am a bit exhausted after being surrounded by all the things that go on in the house of a family with small children. I am grateful for the quietness of the farmhouse this morning. This does not mean that I am not wishing I was right back up there, right in the middle of what to me now seems like some sort of organized chaos. It reminds me so much of those years of our own child-rearing days. I am happy I am not back there but I did love it.

My daughter asked me how I did all that needed to be done. I shared the fact that I do not remember all of it and had I forgotten a lot. It was a busy time for sure. We did our best and we did what had to be done but did not stress about the little things that did not get done, and it all worked out.

That is what they have to remember. Before you know it your house will be empty and you will be remembering those good old days that seem to be missing pieces of the chaos. That organized chaos can be seen as a good thing after it is all over.  At least it seems to have worked out for us. It also made me want to jump into the middle of it once in a while just to remember how crazy it can seem. It will all work out. Grand parenting is, I have to say, much easier.



  1. That is a lot of calves all skipping about in this fine weather...pooor mamas. Yes, grandparenting is much much easier...

  2. 22 is a lot of calves indeed. It nice that you don't have to had feed them like I have to do on the dairy farm. I let them feed on the mother for three days if they feed well but always bottle feed them extra if the want more. More often then not, they will take the extra milk.

    I love your wisdom of enjoying the chaos, but it's always easier to do once the chaos is over. lol. I'm glad the calving season is coming to a close for you. Soon, it will be time to turn the soil but the ground is still frozen and covered with snow and ice. My gardening seeds have just arrived today so my thoughts will be turning on starting to plant some seeds that needs an early start indoors under florescent lights.

    It looks like spring has found you already.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Sorry about so many typo, I'm rushing through this. It's nice that you don't have to hand feed them...

  4. We are at that stage now, where we look back on the early days of our family with kids, and wonder how we did it. I am thankful that Jim had help in the barn when our kids were really small. I milked mornings and weekends, but evenings I was able to be inside with the kids. It's so long ago I almost forget!! Now, it's quiet! I don't miss all the busy-ness, but I do miss the kids!

  5. Bossie is my favorite, hands down. I think a hay manger makes perfect sense. There is such a zen-like calm with the cows.

  6. Grace girl when I think back to when I was an army wife left on my own 80% of the time with a little one it didn't phase me a bit .. I had all the energy in the world to handle EVERYTHING .. but now ? .. I have no idea how I did it .. let alone a farming wife with multiple little ones .. Amazing !!!
    Yes .. why are cows so zen like ? .. should I start eating hey and mooing ?? LOL ... I am still in winter madness mode .. and this is Spring ?? eeekkkk !

  7. Lovely calves and I am glad all are doing well . Yes we did what we could with the little of what we had back then raising our kids . You talk of how your kids were raised on the farm was how I was raised on our farm always was with the animals as mum and dad did farm work then when I was old enough I also did farm work . My kids were raised in town and I stayed home till they were in full time school I just wish I could of raised them on a farm like I was . Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  8. Your cows and calves are looking great.
    I too looked after my little ones here in the small city, didn't have to work like the young ones do today. Farm life is very different with little ones - understand that :)
    With 3 of our 5 grandchildren (youngest 6) staying every second weekend it's time consuming with cooking, talking, cleaning and such, then Sunday evening they are gone and it's ever so peaceful :) Does make you tired though so know where you are coming from.

  9. WOW! So many births which must be so exciting. I know it would be for me!!! Seeing our children stressed out still bothers me, even though they are adults...LOL!! I am in total agreement with you...grand-parenting is an entirely new perspective on things...:)JP

  10. Hello, it is wonderful to see the 22 calves. I am sure they are all sweeties, the twin are adorable. I can only imagine how busy you are. Enjoying what you do is important. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  11. Such cute little faces! I agree with you - the time goes so quickly. However, I also know our children don't want to hear it and don't necessarily believe it as they are living those toddler/preschool days with sleepless nights and chaos!

  12. i like being busy, but it has consequences. but your busy and my busy, two different "animals" - have you ever heard that expression?? it seemed quite fitting today!! 22 calves wow, exciting but that must be a handful!!!

    the cows are adorable, fun to look at but your work is hard buttons and we all need to appreciate farmers!! i know i do!!

  13. Just had to say "Happy Birthday" to the sweetest neighbor ever! Don't know what I would do without you some days. Hope you are having a wonderful day!



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