Wednesday, January 16, 2019

And we wait and prepare

Error of opinion may be tolerated where reason it left free to combat it.
                                                               Thomas Jefferson  

There seems to be a lot of waiting this year at least as far as the weather goes. To farm means; to wait, watch and then pounce. That is what it seems to mean around this farm for the last few years. Every year seems to be a bit different and so that means we have had to adjust with the seasons, sometimes daily. Farmers have a real knack for the whole “expect the unexpected” thing and continue to “roll with it.”

The summer had us wait for the rains, which were so needed for our crops, our pastures and drinking water for our cows. The fall had us wait for the rains to stop. This morning, as I write this, we are waiting for a “humdinger” of a snowstorm. Yes, we have had a few little storms but not enough to call a “real” snowstorm. Our ground has been brown and our water holes are frozen solid for two feet down with little water running below. This is horrible for crops as a layer of ice covers the fields and smothers and kills the crops. A layer of snow would have protected them.

Yes, adapt, adapt. I am so used to adapting, that for many a year all different kinds of scenarios have run through my head at night, while I should have been sleeping. I can wake up in the morning with a plan, on how to do what needs to be done, and then look out the window and must flip that plan completely around. That whole sleep planning thing has never really worked out for me. I am not alone in this. Farmers and I know even non-farmers deal with that. I can only speak about being a farmer as I have been one of those longer than I can remember.

According to the weather forecast, this weekend we could possibly have 41 centimeters of snow. (That would be 16.42 inches for my American friends.) That is a lot of snow. If that was not bad enough, it seems the winds are going to be wicked and the temperature will drop to temperatures not experienced in a few years. Well, extreme Arctic cold with high damaging winds along with drifting snow and wind chills that are dangerous, yikes. Apparently, there will be more snow than this farmer has seen in many a year. What could be better than that at least as far as preparedness goes? It sure does get my heart racing. Well, these are only predictions, but we must be prepared, just in case.

I look forward to the snow. As it goes now there is the daily, (twice a day) feeding and placing bedding and then the chopping ice to make sure our animals have water and are safe and protected during the freezing, no snow week we have had. Freezing rain is not a desired thing around here. We would rather have that 41 centimeters of snow. It warms things up and our cows do not mind the snow at all. I spend more time outside then I do in the house these days. That is the way it goes, and I do not resent that. I do resent the fact that I cannot for the life of me predict what the weather will be like from one day to the next. It would be so nice if we could wake up in the morning and know exactly what will be needed but that is not the way it is.

Well, I best get out there and get the preparedness thing going. Did I mention we have started calving? No worries, I have it covered. Talk to you after the big storm, or no storm. It is all up in the air right now. I do enjoy the challenge of it all and my fears are always so much worse than the reality turns out to be. No worries. Be safe my friends. “High hoe.... High hoe.”