Monday, January 13, 2020

All in a Day

Reflections of a day well spent furnish us with joys
More pleasing then ten thousand triumphs.
                           Thomas a’ Kempis

There is nothing that gives me more pleasure than getting outside with my camera. I can capture and hold on to, any moment that I choose, just by a click of my shutter. These photos will tell a visual story of the farm for those who come after.

To follow My Hero around, and to document his day, creates the most interesting of photos. Early in the mornings, and after the chores, I will find this man in any number of places on this farm. He is a man who needs to keep busy. There is always something going on. This gives me ample opportunities to capture them.  

Right up there, in preference of subjects on the farm would be hanging with the cows. Our cows can certainly put on a show. A rumour was going around about my exploiting them for monetary gain. That makes me laugh. I can assure you that this never happened, but if it ever does you can be rest assured, they gave me permission.

Hats on cow shots used to fill many of my old blog posts. They were a hit and I enjoyed sharing them. I have not taken as many of those shots in years. Red, has honestly always wrestled me for my hat since she was a calf. Her own calves are not as interested. Bossy1 and Bossy2 (who now roam that big pasture in the sky), along with Red used to be the center of attention on my old blog site. Red was young and impressionable, and our two Bossy girls led Red into the life of a Diva. Yes, that is the truth. She is like a star who faded in the spotlight but she is still my star.

Nature herself gives me so much to be thankful for and I want to capture as many of these moments as I can. Every season will bring a different look outside my window. The bush holds many secrets that must be exposed and captured every day. It has never disappointed.

The wildlife continues to share every inch of this farm with us. I could spend every waking moment trying to capture what it shares. That is impossible, so I mostly just observe and enjoy without the lens in front of my face. There are quite a lot of things that will never be shared but continue to make this farmgirl happy. Hawks, fox, coyotes, deer, and many more four-legged creatures run free and call this place home. Our cows and we (the only two-legged humans), will never take for granted this gift we are lucky enough to be able to share, even if some of them are still a bit camera shy.

I do hope you have enjoyed this day from behind my lens. It is one of many days that were captured.