Wednesday, June 26, 2019

A Barn Purge

My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there.
                                          Charles Franklin Kettering

Well, life has been extremely busy. Some of it because as you may have noticed summer seems to have gained a hold. Summer on the farm has always been our most hurried time of year.

Well since it had rained for so many days, I had thought I would begin another project. It has and will continue to mingle with those other things that have to be done. You know haying and such. After all, we are farmers.

The project we tackled does involve the barn, so technically we could call it a farm project.

You see, I decided to downsize the things we do not need. There has not been hay in our barn since we discovered the round baler did such a fine job and we fell in love with the ease of operation. We also found we could store it outside, and it works very well for our operation. So, that is where our dilemma began. Well, that and auction sales.

Some of you do understand that for forty plus years we have gone to auctions and usually brought home things we thought we needed to farm but also things we liked. Most of these were farm auctions so most of it was machinery and things we truly did need and use.

My Hero needed to move out the haying equipment from inside the barn. I had piled things in front of it and so it began. The big barn purges. Oh, yes BIG being the right word.

We both dove right in. After all, how many sewing machines that are so beautiful do you need?

How many ladders to climb the barn do you really need?

Questions we both had to wrestle with and concluded that now was the time to find out for sure. It helped that we were putting steel roofing on our house so any money made would come in handy. We finally agreed to post the items for sale and it became easier and easier to part with the things, we thought we needed.

We are still purging the barn and My Hero has parted with three ladders. Those who read my blog know what a big deal that is. Also, I have sold all the pretty I wanted to keep forever treadle sewing machines that I had collected. We have met the nicest people in this process. People from places I have never been to. Chile and Texas for a couple. There are lots of stories that came with every sale.

My thinking is that we are doing our children favour as well as ourselves for the future. We are not retiring from farming (we still enjoy it), but we believe you should think on down the line. We are also making others happy with the purchases they acquire. Many happy faces have walked out of the barn.

There are still lots of purging to do but we may have to pause to cut and bale hay. That is on hold for a bit as there is a fawn in one hayfield and turkey nesting sightings in the others. A few more days of wait can only help in our purge.
By the way I do enjoy the new roof and I see it every day as compared to the things I had not seen in years hidden in the barn.

Lots of stories, adventures and some unexpected events have come from this purge. We have forged new friendships too. The effort has been worth it. The photos captured have made me happy and tend to share later.

Back to work.