Wednesday, August 8, 2018


Stories first heard at a mother’s knee are never wholly forgotten,
-a little spring that never quite dries up in our journey through the scorching years.
                                                        Giovanni Ruffini

Well, to say the least, my life has always been full of surprises and adventures. I am not afraid to try different things and I think that bouncing back and forth only adds to my experiences. If I ever did have to apply for a job again I will emphasize my flexibility and ability to adjust quickly to change and important problem-solving skills.

City to the countryside and then back again. Sometimes I wake up in the mornings and wonder where I am. To go into my kitchen cupboard and know that I went shopping and bought something only to remember that it was in the city. I always have to remember to go shopping in our little town for whatever it was.

I do enjoy both worlds. The farm has always provided a place of serenity and peace. After all the work and sometimes worry has subsided it wraps me in its embrace and calms me. With age, I do believe we are able to cope with those moments easier. From experience, we do understand that everything becomes a past and that we should focus on the present. I found this very difficult to believe while raising my family and farming at the same time. There were days that I felt helpless and alone. I thought things would never be calm and peaceful again when I was wrapped up in the busiest time of life. I used to wonder if my girls would remember those frazzled and chaotic days.

My daughter asked me how I did it. I responded, “I have no idea”. I did what had to be done and hoped for the best I guess. Honestly, I mostly remember the times that I thought I had failed as a good Mom in my memories and maybe other Moms may think that way too. Farming and raising two strong independent daughters was not something I honestly thought of back then. I hoped that they would turn out alright and I did the best that I could. I am pretty sure all those Moms out there right now are wondering how they will cope and get through those child-rearing days. Those working full-time Moms and those stay at home Moms alike. Both have very different but very similar roles. We all share the same thoughts and fears I believe when it comes to our children.

I was always referred to as a stay at home Mom, this was a very true statement. I did stay home. I stayed home and worked harder than I could have ever imagined. I wondered if my girls remember being dragged to the barn and actually being babysat by cows or pigs while in a playpen in the center of the barn while I worked away at what needed to be done.

Now that I watch my own daughter as a frazzled Mom, with all those normal fears and doubts about her abilities, I think back to those times more. I wondered if she remembered how crazy I had made her world.
She told me she was talking to another frazzled Mom at her office who was also feeling overwhelmed. She responded by the statement.
“My Mom raised us while farming fulltime, so I know that we can do it too”.

That made my heart swell to know that my doubts and worries about not being there were just in my own head. Strong independent children come from what they see. Somehow we all get through those childrearing days.

I believe that on every given day we all bounce back and forth between a “Working Mom to a “Stay at home Mom” and we should all remember that fact and support one another in raising well rounded independent children.

I will continue to bounce from country to city to help my daughter as much as I can. That is what we do. We are Moms and that is the greatest job in the world even if we may have forgotten most of the stuff that we thought was so important back then. It all works out. Enjoy the ride. Someday you may have to also bounce back and forth as a Grandma and you will enjoy every minute.