Monday, April 16, 2018

April Showers and to Question Another's Logic

Look well into thyself;
there is a source of strength which will spring up if thou will always look there.
                                   Marcus Aurelius

Do not be deceived by the title. We are indeed getting April showers but in a somewhat solid form. Yes, it came in the form of snow, freezing rain and ice pellets.
This has been a most unusual year for everyone, or so I have heard. Well, we here at the farm have no choice but to deal with what Mother Nature throws at us. Our job is to take care of our animals and make sure they are protected. We have been doing this for many, many years and do know what we are doing.

My Hero has been out there over and over this weekend making sure they have enough feed and bedding. I was out there on Friday before this latest April shower event began. I made sure that they had all that they would possibly need for that impending storm. Our cows are in the thick cedars and remain as happy as we are while stuck in our house. OK, they do not have Netflix, and I honestly wonder what they think about while waiting for the storm to pass. I know they are fine as when I did make my way down the icy lane Bossy2 was smiling. Yes, it is Monday and my shifts are back on.
You know, this has been one crazy winter in my life and not only weather-wise. I have made many trips to Toronto Ontario. I have to say every time the train pulls in I notice more buildings going up, no matter the weather. Just last week I was face to face with more condos and cranes. Not the crane as in bird. The cranes that would help build more condos, taller and taller. I often wonder every time I go there how the neighbours feel.
Imagine that you bought a beautiful condo in downtown Toronto. You have the most magnificent view of Lake Ontario. You love that view, you sip coffee and watch the sea gulls and boats do their thing while you sit and watch. You are happy.

A couple of years later, you watch as one of those cranes that fill the city now moves into the lot across the street from you, on the water side. You sense that this is not good and things in the neighbourhood are about to change. You have no choice but to sit and sip your coffee as your view disappears day by day. Do you move? Do you stay and just settle for what you really did not want? These are hard questions indeed. I think you must do what makes you happy, but the monetary part will indeed make the decision for you. To move closer to the water will most likely cost you more but your view. Oh, I am so happy that I do not have to make this kind of decision.
The thing about life is that you have always had to make those kinds of decisions between your wants and needs. People, as well as cows, have to have some of their own choices and we should not worry about what others think about those decisions. Ultimately people or animals know what is best for them.

Take Sunday morning for instance. Here on the farm, and after those chores were done the freezing rains started to really come down. I watched as a few of our cows chose to stand out in it. While the other cows stood in the shelter of the cedars and stayed dry those silly cows chose to experience something new I suppose. I never judge but I have no idea what they were thinking. I never question their logic and nor should I. 

Today it is heavy raining and those April showers have indeed come. I will be heading out there very shortly. I can see with my binoculars that all our cows are hanging out together safe and dry in the cedars.