Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Heat Relief

Life is the art of drawing sufficient conclusions from insufficient premises.
                                                               Samuel Butler

It has been so hot that I can barely write about it, without breaking out in a sweat. I sit under the ceiling fan on high and think back to last week. I did believe that it was too hot. It is hotter this week. Who knew that last week's temperature and humidity could be topped up like it has?

We are not the only ones who are trying to get adjusted and to be comfortable with this kind of heat and humidity. Our cows live outside. We live inside and do not have air conditioning, but they do not even have a fan. They have a lot of shade and luckily, they get a breeze most days, so the air moves much like our fans.

We check on our cows constantly and I have noticed that they are very clever and resourceful. We have given them free run of the farm. We are in a drought and water and pasture are at a premium right now. The ponds are low, but we have a swamp on the property. “Desperate times”. Our cows spend most of their time back in the pasture/hay field where the swamp is. The field is shady and well there is open air with a breeze and lots of water. Wouldn’t you?

We have started to feed our leftover last years hay, and our first cut this year’s hay. To hope for a second crop may be a pipe dream if we do not get any more rain. It will work out the way it will, and we will be ready for what lies ahead. We have been here before. Optimism is a motto that all farmers must live with or they would not farm. It will be fine.

About those cows that hang out in the field; they are so comfortable that they never want to leave. I am OK with that, I want them to be as comfortable as I am under the fan over my head right now.

 I do spend my time in the airconditioned tractor when I go back to check on them now. It is so hot to walk to the back of the farm I have given that up for a time. I do find time to walk around in the bush and pick up what the turkeys leave lying around. I also walk among the cows to make sure they are healthy and not having any problems.

They are happy and have lots to eat and drink. They have plenty of salt and as you can see they are comfortable in this heat wave that will not let up. One day when I went back they were all gathered around the swamp and drinking. They are taking this heat wave in stride and find relief where they can.

I do hope it rains soon. Farmers and their livestock could sure use it. It will come I have no doubt and then those cows will be back behind the house. For all of you in the same boat take a lesson from our cows. Do what you have to do, to get what you have to get.