Sunday, February 11, 2018

Observations on those winter days

The way to love anything is to realize it could be lost.
                                 Gilbert Keith Chesterton
Two very large black ravens fly low and then land. They then skid across the snowy, thin layer of ice covered field which we call our hay field. I watch, and I giggle because I have always believed that they were the cleverest of the birds. Possibly they are just playing. Even the most intelligent or driven of any species could use some fun now and then.

It is a dreary Sunday afternoon and I believe that winter is such a beautiful time of year if you are paying attention. There are many of us who believe it is too long and they cannot wait till spring. I am not one of them when a beauty like we have had lately surrounds me. The forecast calls for another bout of freezing rain. There is a fair amount of snow on the ground already and with last night’s freezing rain it makes it sparkle. It is so beautiful.

Just last week I watched as the hay fields were full of roaming deer that headed in every direction. They would come to the fence and then they stopped. They sailed over it, with little effort. One by one they overcame that which stood in front of what they wanted. It was a beautiful sight to see.

The bush is where the most beauty hides during this winter. I try to find as much time as I can to head out and explore. I went so far as to play hooky from my dynamic stretch class. I know you are probably wondering why a busy farmer would take such a class. Well, I must tell you it balances out the sometimes physical work that I must do. It is also about the social aspects of it with friends. As we age I do believe that combining the social and physical can play a very important part in our well-being.

I usually venture out into the bush after I have fed the cows and have checked the new calves. They are doing well and the calves always find the best places to hang out. I find them in the strangest of places. The newest one loves to climb into the center of a round bale of hay. I find her there in the mornings because I always seem to get up way before she does.

The snow-covered trees and the early morning frost covered anything that was not covered in snow. There is nothing that compares to Mother Nature and her artistry. I walked around like a child filled with wonder and believed it would last forever. The adult in me knew it would disappear as soon as it warmed up. My camera captured as much of the beauty as we could before it was to slip away.

Oh yes, it has now started to rain here. The layer of thin ice on top of the snow is still pretty. The rain makes it glisten even more. If our forecast is true and that freezing rain does come it will be pretty and make for great photos. If it keeps raining we will be in a muck of trouble but a very different beauty will be there in the morning.